Tétreault laboratory focuses on the study of molecular mechanisms in neuromuscular and neurodegenerative diseases as well as identifying genetic causes and modulators.

As an independent researcher, Dr. Martine Tétreault has set up a translational research program focused on the combination of omics and functional genomics approaches. The laboratory aims to increase diagnostic performance and discover new mechanisms associated with disease progression as well as phenotypic variability that could serve as biomarkers or therapeutic targets.

Overview of the technologies used in our lab


For questions regarding the lab, please contact : Martine Tétreault, Ph. D.

Email : martine.tetreault@umontreal.ca
Phone : 514 890-8000, poste 30802

The lab is not currently looking for new graduate students

Accepting applications from students in the Neurosciences or Bioinformatics programs of the University of Montreal. For applications, candidates should send a detailed CV, along with a letter of motivation & their academic transcript.

Thank you for your cooperation!